Flight Club Sells Rare and Coveted Sneakers NYC LA Online

Flight Club Sneaker Wall Broadway NYC

Inside Flight Club on Broadway NYC Photo Credit: Mark Pine

Flight Club is a sneaker store located on Broadway between 11th St and 12th St in New York City. They have capitalized on the market for sneakers that either sell out their stock or are from years past.

When a sneaker is no longer available at retailers it can go to the resale market on the web. People who were lucky enough to grab a pair or pairs may opt to go for the profit if the gains are that great.

What Fight Club has done is positioned themselves as a go between who can regulate the industry and make expensive sneaker purchases safer. Of course there will always be some games played in any industry by a small group of individuals. I read their FAQ and it does appear they do everything in their power to make the transaction go off without a hitch. Especially if the purchase happens at one of their two locations.

I would assume, definitely not an expert in ecommerce for sneakers, there may be a little room for people to mess around when ordering sneakers online. Not saying Flight Club, but I could see people messing around saying they didn’t get exactly what they expected. Not sure exactly how that works, I’m sure Flight Club has it figured out. Not sure who holds the bag if that happens. Call or email them if your interested in selling your vintage kicks.

Outside Flight Club on Broadway NYC

Outside Flight Club on Broadway NYC Photo Credit: Mark Pine

One nice safety measure according to Flight Club’s FAQ is they make everyone sign who orders from the web. You can not receive an order from them without signing upon delivery.

In addition to NYC they have another store located in Los Angeles at 503 N Fairfax Ave.

I visited the location on Broadway but haven’t bought anything. I will say there are some real sneaker lovers out there and they have converted me. I saw a few pairs I would wear in a heartbeat.

Air Jordan 3 GS Infrared

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The prices can go into the thousands of dollars real quick. Some of their top categories are Air Jordan, Nike Basketball and Nike Running. They currently carry some sizes of Kanye West’s sold out sneakers from Nike and Adidas. Another one that blew my mind is the Air Mag “Back to the Future”. They call it that because they are the shoes from Nike worn by Marty McFly or Michael J Fox in the film. Maybe not a pair worn in the movie, the same edition.

I like how their e commerce website has the shoes listed. Very professional as you would expect with this many high priced goods for sale. It shows the sizes in stock, how many being held in inventory and price. Interestingly, different sizes for the same shoe can vary in price. For example, the AIR YEEZY 2 SP “RED OCTOBER”. A size 9.5 is currently $5,750 and size 6 is $8,000.

I always like to read the reviews of a business when reviewing it. Overall people seem to like the place. The brief time I spent there, people seemed to be loving it. The complaints I read from Google Plus Local and Yelp were about price and customer service. Overall, most were happy.

Flight Club only sells new sneakers. When you visit the stores you will see they keep many of the pairs on display shrink wrapped to keep them in pristine condition. As per their website, you can try them on. I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert on all the mechanics of how the online and offline sales work here. I’m just getting the hang of it.

Another interesting piece of information is all sales are final. The reason being, and this is the genius part, the sneakers are not owned by Flight Club. All shoes are sold on 80/20 consignment. Meaning independent sneaker owners provide the inventory to Flight Club and receive 80% of the sale price. Once the pair is sold, they cut a check the next week to the owner and it’s a wrap.

Virtual Tour of the inside of Flight Club on Broadway in New York City.