Protecting Vehicles Against Bullets and Explosions

How safe is your car, truck, van or limo? Do you carry valuables with you when traveling? Valuables not only meaning material items, also family friends and loved ones. If you would like to add a layer of serious protection and are ready to exponentially increase the cost, you may be interested in this product and service.

Manhattan Armor owned by Jeffrey Jankelovits and located on 11th Ave in New York City specializes in making cars bullet resistant. He can add a layer of security to your vehicle that can protect from an attack, unlike a stock vehicle from a dealership.

Notice how I said bullet resistant, not bullet proof. An enhanced protection armored sedan / SUV may do a lot to protect you, although it’s not 100% guaranteed.

I don’t own stock in the company and if you Google armored car you will see several companies who provide this around the country and globe. All I’m saying is, who the hell wouldn’t want this if they had the funds. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I like this product.

They aren’t giving it away and this feature can add a nice chunk to the cost of you vehicle, up to 100% or more of the normal cost. Your gas bill will go up too.

Please note, I am not a security expert. My goal is to alert readers the shop exists because when people visit the New York City automotive district, I assume most aren’t thinking about armored vehicles.

I wasn’t, but I am now.

Inside Manhattan Armor
Vehicle inside Manhattan Armor. Photo: Mark Pine

One factor to think about when considering an armored vehicle is the level of ballistic resistance which will determine the type of fire and attacks your car or SUV may be able to withstand.

Keep in mind when adding a security feature like this, it will add a good amount of weight to your sedan or truck depending on how much protection you add to the vehicle.

Two types of armor are opaque and transparent. Opaque is what goes into the body and transparent is for the windows.

Protection may include floors to protect from explosions, roof, fuel tank, battery, suspension upgrade, tire and gas protection.

These features are not only about protecting you from motion picture style attacks. Transparent armor can protect you if someone tries to smash your window.

In addition to custom work to the car, truck, van or limo of your choice, some armored car dealers carry vehicles in stock for both purchase and rent. That may come in handy if you are traveling or need something right away.

Searching the web I have seen a wide range of car and truck brands with this feature.

Another thing to look out for when shopping for armor, many of the dealer sites have nice charts which show what level of armor, opaque and transparent, can protect against various guns.

Problems at work? Famous? Traveling through not exactly the safest neighborhoods? Haters want to kill you? Take it to the next level and increase your piece of mind.

Three additional companies who I found offering the service include International Armoring Corporation, Alpine Armoring in Virginia and Texas Armoring Corporation.

I live in NYC and I would want it. I can only imagine how effective this may be in states where guns are actually legal. I’ve worked too hard to get ambushed on the road. In the blink of an eye someone smashes your window or sends a hot one through the door and it’s a wrap.

Not as easy with this protection.

VIP Room New York City

VIP Room NYC located in the Meatpacking District. Photo credit: Mark PIne

VIP Room NYC is a nightclub located in the Meatpacking District on West 13th St. They have additional locations in Paris, Monaco, Caanes, Dubai and St. Tropez. VIP was founded in Paris 1998 by Jean-Roch.

As expected, the venues have played host to numerous celebrities.

The Meatpacking in general pretty much has the ultra lavish party scene in NYC on lock down. There are a few other hot spots around town [Times Square, Lower East Side, West Village, NoHo, Nolita, Greenwich Village, Soho and Tribeca], but in my humble opinion, nothing cranks like the Meatpacking and West Chelsea.

Nightclubs and lounges such as PH-D Lounge at the Dream Hotel, Provocateur, Top of the Standard and others located nearby are some of the hottest places in town to see and be seen. Another notable establishment in the meatpacking area is Soho House New York on 9th Ave.

Not a bad place to be if your single and don’t mind throwing down the Centurion Card. Even if you’re not single, there is plenty of networking going on in these venues.

In addition to hosting some incredible parties, VIP is available for private events. The space is approximately 5,000′ with a 500 person capacity as per their website. For all your smokers and people who use vaporizers, they have an outdoor smoking patio.

Manhattan Motorcars

Manhattan Motorcars
Manhattan Motorcars Photo Credit: Mark Pine

Manhattan Motorcars is located at 270 11th Ave, New York, NY 10001. Their storefront spans from West 27th St to West 28th St. They sell Rolls Royce, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Bentley and more.

Me personally I like the Rolls Royce Ghost Series 2. Although I also like Bugatti and Lamborghini. I’d have to see how hard it is to drive the sports cars before I buy, although I’ll take the Ghost right now, sight unseen. Black on Black.

The near by luxury car dealers I know about are Manhattan Motorcars, Miller Motorcars in Greenwich, CT, Paul Miller Auto Group in Parsippany, NJ and Bespoke Motor Group in Jericho, NY. There may be more, not 100% sure.

Of course you have Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW and others. Although nothing gets the party started like one of these bad boys. I guess everyone has their own idea of cool. Me, I want the Ghost.

In addition to new Manhattan Motorcars has a selection of preowned vehicles.

When I stopped by to take a few pictures for this article I didn’t go in, only looked through the window. I’m not going to bother them until I am ready to buy. I will say though, the pictures don’t always do these cars justice. When looking at them in person you can really feel the vibe.